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Having to pay any new tax is seldom a welcome expense for businesses and individuals, and Saskatchewan’s carbon tax is no exception.

With carriers now needing to keep track and record the amount of tax they pay for carbon emissions, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) has had its fair share of inquiries regarding this new responsibility.

As Nicole Sinclair, director of policy and communications for the STA, explains, there are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding the carbon tax.

One such misunderstanding is that the new tax does not apply to trucking companies.

“This was mostly from the language used during the explanation from the Canadian Revenue Agency,” said Sinclair. “Trucking companies were called ‘road users’ and diesel was included under ‘light fuel oil.’”

The STA even had one carrier ask, “If we do not register for this because we think it’s a terrible idea, what will happen?”

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