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Our Voice Matters

Speak up and have your voice heard. The Saskatchewan government is waiting to hear from you.

Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association members are strongly encouraged to participate in an innovation challenge brought forward from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. 

The most recent challenge focuses on better uses for recycled asphalt products in highway projects. SHCA and the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) have partnered with the Ministry on this initiative. This is an opportunity to share industry best practices. What is your approach to recycled asphalt and is it more cost-effective than everyone else’s idea? Does it allow for more efficiency with projects? Bring forward your ideas and share your knowledge. It also might serve as a learning opportunity.

Ministry officials will gather all ideas and move them through an implementation process. Select ideas will be further scrutinized by an expert panel and the winning or successful idea will then be implemented. The Ministry will connect with the group that brought forward that idea. 

Michael Moore is quality manager for the Ministry of Highway’s Business Improvement and Innovation and the person who brought forward this challenge to our association.

“We do that so they can see their voices are being heard and that their ideas are getting through to the decision-makers,” he said.

I’m excited to see the ideas generated by our members. Not only does it allow industry to demonstrate just how innovative we are, but it also allows us to influence design specifications and policy, which in turn can result in a better way to build and hopefully give Saskatchewan highways a longer asset life.

Plus, by creating a bit of a competition, it’s an interactive way to engage our members and get them to bring ideas forward.

All ideas, from a wide range of topics, aren’t forgotten about. They’re stored in a Ministry database and can be shared freely. This is an opportunity to learn from one another on specific issues we face. Approximately 1,100 innovation ideas have populated the database, with everyone in the Ministry having access to it.

This type of crowdsourcing will benefit the Ministry and our industry. By implementing innovative practices in incremental steps, it will allow our members to work safer, more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner.





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