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The City of Saskatoon says it is on track to recover all of the money it lost in an online scam earlier this year.

The city lost $1 million when a fraudster electronically impersonated the chief financial officer of a construction company that had a contract with the city.

According to the Canada West Foundation, a new North American trade pact will not protect Canadian businesses from the threats posed by a president willing to capriciously misuse executive power to ignore or override trade rules like those in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

What looks like a normal parking lot actually doubles as a stormwater infiltration pond for one Minnesota engineering firm. American Engineering Testing wanted to avoid having to relinquish valuable space to create a large conventional stormwater infiltration pond on its property and opted to install the pond below the parking lot.

The Western Canadian Municipalities Association recently released their recommendations for municipal priorities in the 2020 federal budget, including increasing investments in broadband and cellular for improved connectivity for all Canadians and involving municipal associations early in discussions between the federal and provincial governments on infrastructure funding opportunities, among others.

On Nov. 22, the Friday morning of the SHCA annual convention, SHCA members showed their big hearts – and their big appetites… for cookies.

Earlier in the year, SHCA saw a little girl on the news who was selling cookies she made in order to raise funds for the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan (CFS) in honour of her grandmother, who was undergoing radiation treatment. Six-year-old Rose from Saskatoon baked 13 dozen cookies to sell at her mother’s work and raised $140 in 20 minutes for the CFS; Global Saskatoon picked up on the story after CFS posted it to their social media.


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