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Frustrated with single-window procurement? You’re not alone.


It is our understanding that the ideology behind single-window procurement was to streamline processes that would enable greater efficiency and smoother operations. It has become abundantly clear that this is not happening. 


Unnecessary delays in awarding tenders has become commonplace for many of our members. That is why I, on behalf of our association, recently sent a letter to government requesting immediate changes to this process. I encourage everyone to practise patience as we await a response from government. Hopefully this letter hits the ears it is intended for and a resolution is found sooner rather than later.


We are well aware that this procurement process needs improvements. I outlined in the letter that our recommendation for resolve is simple – our association would like to be consulted on any proposed changes moving forward.


We as an association welcome consultation and we are available to offer input and suggestions as to how we can improve operations. Good communications and consultation are central to the management process and assume critical importance when dealing with changes in working practices and procedures.


We appreciate attempts by the procurement staff at fixing a broken system, but their inexperience in road building and construction hinders their ability to assess the critical areas that need mending.


Effective consultation would allow the procurement team and our association to voice concerns and hopefully find common ground that would resolve this issue.


We are looking for accountability from our government. We ask that projects are awarded in a timely fashion to ensure completion dates can be met and to provide clarity for spring and summer scheduling. After all, association members are expected to present their bids before the tender closing dates.


Our business community suffers because of these delays and we understand our members are feeling pinched and they manage a balancing act of over-promising and under-delivering on jobs. 


We’re hopeful we will see progress with this sputtering procurement system and a more streamlined way of doing business. Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned.





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