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Being the grandson of ELRUS founder Roland Russell makes being the national technical lead for the company a family affair. Although Spencer began working for the company when it opened its Saskatoon branch in 2013, he was introduced to the business at a far earlier age.


“Essentially growing up, I would spend every Saturday and Sunday with my grandfather,” Spencer recalls. “His idea of the weekend was being at the office. I was introduced and surrounded by our equipment at a very young age. It was always kind of in my blood through family, but it was introduced to me and sparked in me right out of the gate. It was a no-brainer.”

The industry is working hard to create a better environment for women in construction. Organizations across North America are cognizant of the impending labour gap and the construction industry needs to coax more than 300,000 Canadians to choose a construction career in order to keep pace with demand, according to On-Site magazine. Ensuring that women view construction as a viable career choice is paramount to filling those labour requirements.

As the weather warms and the daylight-hours increase, truckers and shippers are being reminded to begin reducing truck loads on some provincial highways. During this time of year, secondary highways revert back to regulation weights, which will prevent damage to these roads.


“Weight restrictions are put in place at various times of the year on provincial highways as a measure to prevent damage to the surface or road bed,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Greg Ottenbreit said. “As the weather warms up, some roads in the province can become vulnerable to soft spots and surface cracks as the frost comes out of the roadbed.”

The Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan is hosting its AGM Awards Banquet on March 27, 2020 in Regina.

With the help of the Work Zone Signing Committee (WZSC), several updates have been made to the Traffic Control Devices Manual For Work Zones (TCDMWZ).


Most of these changes are to help clarify existing traffic accommodation policies. A summary of these changes can be found in the attached Record of Amendments.


The revised manual (including this Record of Amendments) can be found at: → Ministry Manuals → Traffic Control Devices Manual For Work Zones.


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