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An innovative achievement in asphalt additive technology to enhance roadway performance – ACE Fiber – is now available in Canada and several U.S. states. Extensive testing has been conducted to demonstrate cracking and rutting performance improvements of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) using ACE Fiber.

Results have shown:

  • 50 per cent increase in rut resistance
  • 150 per cent increase in strength
  • 140 per cent increase in crack resistance
  • 290 per cent increase in fatigue life
  • 150 per cent increase in thermal crack resistance

Nilex Inc. announced today it has partnered with BreakThrough technologies (BTt) on the exclusive sales distribution of ACE Fiber, an Aramid Fiber (aka Kevlar) asphalt additive manufactured by Surface Tech. Nilex will now be providing and supporting ACE Fiber in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

“With the addition of ACE Fiber, we are now able to provide performance enhancing technologies from top to bottom in the road – from stabilizing the subgrade, through reinforcing the base course and now into the surfacing. We truly are able to optimize the performance of the entire roadway structure,” says Ian Wilson, President and CEO of Nilex. “The upside economically is that we can achieve the best bang for the taxpayer’s dollar when it comes to the rehabilitation of existing roads and new road construction.”

“The benefits of using Aramid fibers in asphalt additives has been recognized for some time,” says Collin Browning, Partner with BTt. “The challenge has been achieving a uniform and consistent dispersion of the fibers into the asphalt mixture. ACE Fiber uses a wax “carrier” which has solved this challenge, and the results have been extremely positive.”

About Nilex Inc.

Nilex, established in 1977, is a leader in the geosynthetics industry providing innovative solutions to support the unique challenges of civil, resource and environmental construction projects. Our engineered, technically advanced materials and construction techniques are used in road building, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) solutions for grade changes, erosion and sediment control, water management and containment. For more information, visit

About BreakThrough technologies, LLC 

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, BTt is the master distributor for Surface Tech’s line of Asphalt Reinforced Aramid Fiber products and services throughout the United States and Canada. BTt combines full engineering and quality assurance/control services to deliver a certified turn-key package. More info at

For more information on ACE Fiber, visit




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