by Martin Charlton Communications Martin Charlton Communications

Most of us have a personal life with hobbies and interests when we’re away from the office. It’s important to give your clients and customers a peek into what makes you tick.

Why is People magazine consistently one of the most well-read magazines on the planet? That’s easy. People love to read about other people.

Whether it’s a celebrity, a homemaker or just your average business professional, readers are drawn to stories that reveal a person’s character and expose the nuances that make us all unique.

Share a story your audience will find interesting. Find a way to relate to people.

In the corporate world, real people want to do business with real people. It’s the individual stories about a company’s staff that will set you apart from the dozens of competitors.

In order to offer a truly personal experience through marketing, give an identity for your company. This includes showing the human side of your business.

Share those stories online. The Internet is never closed.

Give potential clients and customers an opportunity to learn what your company is about on your website and social media channels. In your content – whether it’s your homepage content, your blog posts, social media bios – write as a human speaking to other humans.

This is your chance to show your creative side, rather than using stuffy business dialogue that makes you sound robotic. While you want to avoid sounding too relaxed or unprofessional, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality show.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

Source: Martin Charlton Communications