SHCA member companies understand how critical it is to pick up our partners. Leaning on local companies is the key to growth and success of our local economies as we recover from the shutdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saskatchewan-based contractors are not acting alone when they go to work. They’re collaborating with several local partners in getting the job done. 

Our contractors are using local suppliers and drawing workers from our cities and towns.  We’re giving back to local communities that provide us with meals and hotel stays.

Leaning on local businesses for these amenities is far greater reaching than what it would be like if we sought the services of out-of-province companies.

Local businesses pay local and provincial taxes. In turn, their employees are living and working locally and paying local taxes as well. Overall, this is a greater contribution to our provincial GDP.

Listen to SHCA president Shantel Lipp talk more about supporting local partners.