by Shantel Lipp Shantel Lipp

Meeting with a group that is open to advice and generous with their insights is an empowering experience that helps to develop one another.

A group like that came together recently to create that experience for women in construction. We met as the Women in Construction – TEC Group for its inaugural meeting. This introductory meeting was held to gauge the interest in this type of a group holding ongoing meetings to support those involved.

Women from various sectors of construction who are living and working in many different communities in the province met on May 20 to learn about TEC and gain peer support and offer advice. Some of the women had been working in their field for decades while others were new to theirs. Their roles covered a wide array of functions, from ownership to human resources to fleet management.

It was an important opportunity to draw out the perspective of women discussing the challenges, issues and successes in the construction industry. The group discussed navigating work relationships, giving one another suggestions on how to ensure those in the relationship recognize it is strictly professional. Others were looking for input on human resources challenges, including onboarding new employees who primarily speak a language other than English. Great ideas were generated through the discussions to help find solutions to common concerns.

Coming together to discuss challenges and opportunities related to business and career development is important for anyone building their career. Sitting down on a scheduled basis to have these discussions with people who have similar life experience can be reassuring.

There is interest in another meeting being scheduled to allow for the conversation to continue and to welcome additional women interested in an opportunity like this. Given the busy season that is summer, the plan is to schedule the next meeting sometime in late August.

If you would like to participate, please send me an email to get more information, including the date once one is set. You can email me at