by Martin Charlton Communications Martin Charlton Communications

Even at the best of times, social media platforms can be a minefield. But that shouldn’t deter you from sharing your content with the online community.

Social media can be challenging to navigate, yet it’s also the most efficient means of travel for your blogs, newsletters and videos. Social media is where you’ll find clients and customers.

Your presence in social media circles is equally as important as sharing your message and interacting with your audience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if your company is struggling to find relevance among communication epicentres like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok:

Play to your strengths.

Know who you are. Don’t get swept up in a blitz that steers you away from what you’re good at. People follow platforms that align with their core values and interests. Straying from your identity would only confuse your followers.

Listen to the voices.

Read the comments. Listen to what the online community is saying to you or about you.


Your audience has made the effort to read your post and leave a comment or retweet and share with a wider network. Take advantage of that attention and interact. Learning and adapting from your audience is a key to success.

Be original. Be authentic.

Choosing neutrality gets you nowhere.

Brand authenticity connects you with your desired audience. Being open and honest with your audience should dictate your social media presence.

Decide on a moral direction and be true to those beliefs. Go all in on authenticity.

Creativity for the win.

No risk, no reward. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your posts and be creative and interesting.

Being unique on social media with fresh ideas will help cut through the noise and get you and your company noticed. Be creative and punchy with your words and pair them with attractive visuals like photos and videos that will catch anyone’s attention.

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