We are the Saskatchewan
Heavy Construction Association

If something big is happening, that’s where you’ll find our members working. If the Earth moved, it was us.


Our members are from all across Saskatchewan, and we represent companies on job sites everywhere i our province and sometimes beyond.

SHCA is a member-driven organization with a board of directors drawn from the membership, and a president and staff who work with the board to provide the best representation, advocacy and services to all members.

Originally a local chapter of the Canadian Construction Association, SHCA (formerly the Roadbuilders’ Association) was first formed in 1919 to be a voice for members of the heavy construction industry, as well as a service centre for members to stay current with tenders, technology, regulations and other changes in the industry. We represent heavy construction across Saskatchewan with over 200 members… and growing!

One aim is to increase the stability of the association by promoting and supporting strong involvement in committee opportunities and their social and educational events. Recruiting younger members is considered critical to ensuring the long-term success and vitality of the association.

Leadership aims to ensure continual advancement of SHCA by improving and enhancing the image of the association as the voice of the industry in the province. This will be achieved through increased organizational effectiveness at the committee and staff levels, as well as through providing outstanding services to members.

Govenment Relations

SHCA maintains excellent relations and access to all levels of government. In 2019, we prepared a policy paper outlining the industry significance for economic development of Saskatchewan. The paper points out that the sector in good years and bad has been, and continues to be, one of the largest employers in the province, creating major economic impacts and fiscal benefits to governments.

Key areas we have focused on over the past year have been:

  • Workers’ Compensation Board and the creation of an Employer Resource Center
  • Financial impact of the carbon tax – Our association was at the forefront of the largest organized political rally in history opposing the federal government’s carbon tax
  • Participated in the development of a privately funded documentary on the negatively financial impacts of the carbon tax
  • Participated in the development of Best Value criteria and the Contractor Performance evaluation indicators
  • Provided day-t0-day advocacy for all member having trouble on construction projects
  • Successfully lobbied to re-establish an exemption to the hours of  work and overtime provisions for employees of road builders that are engaged in constructing, repairing or maintaining highways
  • Consulted and provided industry input into the government’s 2030 Plan of Growth
  • Participated and sponsored a procurement education training session at the SARM fall capacity building conference
  • Participated in the development of a western Canadian policy paper on Trade and Export Infrastructure development opportunities
  • In addition to the above, SHCA will be creating several industry working committees to address ongoing member issues related to best value procurement, longer term planning, contract design specification, dispute resolution, environment and safety regulations and education.

Networking Opportunities

Three times a year, members are able to gather and network with others in the industry. SHCA events have grown over the past few years and the calibre of speakers and presentation quality has been greatly enhanced. The association’s events are also taining the attention of government and other key stakeholder groups.

Our Mission

The Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association is committed to the heavy construction industry by actively promoting quality, cost-effective, socially responsible services for the public and its members.

Our Vision

To grow the association by developing effective affiliations with other groups and associations both inside and outside the industry, and by broadening the scope of members to represent all aspects of the industry.

If the Earth moved, it was us.

Executive Committee

Chris O’Grady

Chris O’Grady


AECON Transportation West

Jack Brodsky

Jack Brodsky

1st Vice Chairman

Brodsky Construction Ltd.

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Harley Diederichs

Past Chairman

Potzus Paving & Road Maintenance Ltd.

Shantel Lipp

Shantel Lipp



SHCA Directors

Allan Barilla

Morsky Construction Ltd.

Jason Bast

N.I.S. Contractors Ltd.

Jorden Hanus

ASL Paving Ltd.

Marty Willfong

Morsky Industrial Services

Jason Nemanishen

Nemanishen Contracting Ltd.

Kyle Rivett

Venture Construction

Carmen Duncan

C. Duncan Construction Ltd.

Rob Meyers

Maskunow Construction