One of the most frequently asked questions we get is:

What can the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association do for me?

This is a question we take very seriously. We know that as a business person you make decisions everyday on where to invest your money, time and energy in order to make your business successful. This same rule applies to the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA).

Since 2010, the SHCA Board of Directors has been committed to developing effective and evolving action plans in the following areas:

  • Enhanced communications
  • Development of a government industry and stakeholder relations strategy
  • Membership development
  • Youth attraction and retention strategy
  • Aboriginal education engagement strategy

The key to each of these strategies is strong communication that engages the membership and allows them to be more involved in what’s happening around them. Every communication piece we develop is designed with the member’s best interest in mind. Out active social media presence has allowed us to stay connected with our membership and provide relevant and timely information about what’s happening in the industry, not just locally but also abroad.

The primary focus of the association is advocacy and lobbying government on behalf of the organization and our members. The issues facing our industry today affect every owner, regardless of the size of their company. One of the main benefits of belonging to SHCA is the input that the association has in shaping public policy. SHCA maintains a solid working relationship with the provincial government, not just the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.

The association has participated in the pre-budget consultation process and has continually stressed the importance of ongoing, predictable investment in the province’s transportation and infrastructure system. SHCA has played a major role in procuring a commitment from the provincial government to allocate funds to infrastructure through their five-year rolling capital plan. This will provide stability to the industry in terms of labour management and capital investment planning.

The association is also a part of the new Municipal Innovation Infrastructure Network. This network connects municipalities and innovative industry leaders together to help solve the challenges presented by aging infrastructure in many municipalities. This program also allows companies access to funding for research and product development projects.

There are many benefits that can be accrued from belonging to SHCA. Aside from the lobbying efforts and legislative improvements, possibly the greatest privilege is networking with your peers.

SHCA has a strong record of achievements, which are due, in part, to the dedicated and experienced guidance provided by our board of directors. Our success is driven by the collective intention of the board to formulate a strategy, build a plan and put that plan to action. Think BIG is more than just the association’s tag line and quarterly magazine – it speaks to the way we do business, the members that we serve and the economic impact that our association members have in the province.

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