SHCA members are now eligible for a special discount on the Predictive Index from Predictive Success.

What is the Predictive Index System?

The Predictive Index (PI) is a unique, in-house management tool that has been helping executives throughout the world to develop their leaders and strengthen their organizations since 1955.16 PI identifies workplace strengths and provides a clear picture of applicants and employees compared to the requirements of the job. Because this becomes an in-house tool for organizations, managers are trained to interpret, analyze and apply the results.

How can the PI improve your organization?

Define positional requirements, and attract the right candidates – including those predisposed to safety.

PI helps managers develop individual motivational strategies for each employee, and helps to both identify and address morale issues before a valuable employee leaves the company.

PI can provide a better understanding of each employee’s learning style so training can be tailored to meet each person’s specific needs.

Managers can assess employees’ strengths, weaknesses and skills to determine the best combination of employees for different teams.

How it works

SHCA members can gain access to the Predictive Index System® for the prices listed below:

Each partner will be responsible for training at least one individual. Additionally, each partner will have full and unlimited access to all programs for one year, including:

•    Predictive Index®
•    Group Analytics
•    Interview Guides
•    Coaching Guides
•    Job Pro™ (Job Modeling)

For more information, please contact:
Shantel Lipp, SHCA President, at 306-586-1821 or or Doug McCann, with Predictive Success, at 604-568-3547 or

KalTire Logo

The SHCA has set up a program that gives the SHCA members special customer status under the Kal Tire Program. What does that mean? Special customer status means that you will be able to purchase products and services from any one of the more than 220 outlets in Western Canada and Ontario at reduced prices. Kal Tire offers professional advice at any of their locations to help identify the best tire for your driving needs.

Each member that belongs to the SHCA Kal Tire program with receive a VIP card along with an information sheet that identifies the Kal Tire locations and lists the special benefits offered to you. We invite you to stop by the most convenient Kal Tire location and as about your special VIP benefits.

For further information or any queries, please contact Kara Hiebert, Regional Account Manager at Kal Tire,


A new partner to the SHCA affinity program is Shamii, a pickup–drop off full service for your vehicles. By using Shamii, SHCA members can avoid lineups, wait times, arranging pickups, drop offs or awkward courtesy car rides with strangers. Shamii chauffeurs pick up your vehicle from wherever you are, detail your car with the package you choose and then deliver it back to you.

SHCA members, use the promo code “SHCA21” and receive a 10 per cent discount on all packages.

Martin Charlton Communications

The SHCA has partnered with Martin Charlton Communications to help you promote your business and communicate effectively with your stakeholders through social media.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend quarterly “Lunch and Learn” sessions on how to use social media to build your business. These virtual sessions will cover social media 101, best practices for social and digital media and tips on how to broaden your business’ online presence.