by Shantel Lipp Shantel Lipp

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March 22, 2023

SHCA appreciates budget increase while calling for committed investments for up to five years to further grow Saskatchewan

REGINA – The Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA) congratulates the Saskatchewan Party government today on delivering the 2023–24 budget with hopes for a broader discussion on planning and investments over a longer term going forward.

“We were glad to see that this year’s budget increased from the previous one and our members are looking forward to the Ministry of Highways capital program breakdown and how it will impact our industry,” said SHCA president Shantel Lipp. “Going forward, our hope is to work with the government to create long-term funding commitments that puts our industry on more stable footing as we see in Alberta and Manitoba”.

But long-term planning does more than that. Highways enable trade – just as hospitals enable health care and schools enable education.

“Saskatchewan’s growth depends on trade. Countries around the world want to know that when they buy from Saskatchewan, this province has the infrastructure to move what they are purchasing. When you invest in the infrastructure that will get those goods to market more efficiently, you become more competitive in the world,” said Lipp. “Being more competitive means even more trade and that is what grows our economy. That economic growth can then generate revenues that support areas such as health care, education and social programming, making Saskatchewan an even better place to live.”

The provinces on both sides of Saskatchewan are moving in a direction that sends a strong message to potential and current trading partners that they understand their interests. They are also showing to the heavy construction industry and its suppliers that they are prepared to embrace this investment opportunity to achieve a return that will better their provinces’ futures.

Those governments are making three-year commitments, but the SHCA would encourage the Saskatchewan government to recognize the value of making five-year commitments. It helps build our reputation in the world for being a reliable and competitive trading partner while telling voters the government of this province invests purposefully and strategically so a return on that investment is delivered.

The SHCA represents over 200 member businesses in the heavy construction industry in Saskatchewan.

Shantel Lipp
Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Industry
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