by Shantel Lipp Shantel Lipp

While there is still plenty of snow on the ground this month, it won’t be long before it has melted away and another busy road construction season is here.

Between now and then, there are some back-to-back April events I’d like to invite you to join. One is through a brand-new partnership that the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association has formed and another is a tradition I look forward to continuing this year.

The first event I’d like to invite you to is possible because of a partnership that has been developed between SHCA and the Asphalt Institute, an association that promotes the safe use, benefits and quality performance of petroleum asphalts. The Asphalt Institute describes itself as the international trade association of petroleum asphalt producers, manufacturers and affiliated businesses. One of its areas of strategic focus is to support its members with technical leadership and educational expertise.

Through this partnership, a training session for Pavement Inspection Certification will be taking place April 6–7. The course will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

These 16 hours of instruction will provide valuable information that will help owners and employees understand how to construct high-quality asphalt pavement by ensuring that every stage of the operation includes effective inspections.

This training would be useful to new employees who are learning the basics of asphalt construction and the inspection duties that are part of it, so as you are hiring for this upcoming construction season, keep this opportunity in mind for those people.

The certification will also be beneficial for those with more road construction experience to review their knowledge of all aspects of asphalt materials and paving. Employers who have their staff take this training can be assured that those doing asphalt inspection for them have proven their competency to do these duties so the pavement they construct is high-performing.

The course will be open to members and non-members who wish to receive the certification. It is a great opportunity for contractors to elevate their staff’s knowledge and skills as well as for consultants and Ministry of Highways employees inspecting paving projects across the province to raise the standard and quality of our pavements. It’s my hope that more training sessions like this can be offered in the future.

Then, a few hours after the course wraps up, the SHCA convention festivities will kick off at 6 p.m. with a welcome reception.

Over the two days of the convention at the Delta Bessborough Hotel and Convention Center in Saskatoon, we will be hearing from two wonderful speakers, Darci Lang and retired Colonel Mark Gasparotto.

Darci will bring her message of “Focus on the 90%” to help others find the positives at work, rise above adversity and triumph in their lives.

Meanwhile, Mark is passionate about self-reflection and personal development. He emphasizes results, teamwork and effective communications, which is how he was able to elevate to the upper ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces.

And since the event is being held in the spring, which is when SHCA’s annual general meeting is typically held, these two events will be combined. Finally, the convention will wrap up with the Chairman’s Banquet.

Details about registering for both the training and the convention will be sent out the week of Feb. 13–19.The deadline for booking hotel rooms is March 7, so make your plans soon to join us in Saskatoon. I look forward to seeing you there!