by John Mark Aquino John Mark Aquino

Construction has paused for the winter on the $25 million Highway 6 and Ring Road overpass project in Regina. When complete, the improvements will better support and build Saskatchewan’s export-based economy.

“This infrastructure project will allow the transportation system to better and more safely handle truck and other traffic on a key economic corridor,” Highways Minister Lori Carr said. “This project builds a stronger Saskatchewan and will help protect the ability to ship goods more efficiently.”

The project involves construction of a pair of new overpasses and associated works at the location of the existing two structures at Highway 6 and Ring Road, which is also sometimes referred to as the south end of Albert Street in Regina.

The new overpasses will each have a clearance height of 5.3 metres and will accommodate larger vehicles. The overpasses being replaced had 4.7 metres of clearance and are nearing the end of their service life, as they were originally completed in 1966. The new overpasses will each continue to have two lanes of traffic.

Construction on the project began in spring of 2023 and saw the new northbound overpass open to traffic in late October. Two-way traffic can now flow normally using both overpasses. 

The new southbound overpass and the remainder of the projects are expected to be completed in 2024, with construction resuming next spring.