Following the release of a record-setting fall tender schedule this past September, the Ministry of Highways marked May 27 as the unofficial start to the 2021 road construction season.  With one additional project set to close by the end of May, most of the planned contracts from the fall tender have now been awarded and are underway or will be soon.

“Construction season is here,” said Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw. “Spring and summer 2021 will be one of the largest construction seasons the province has seen in a while.  With nearly $440 million in work resulting from this tender, motorists will see over 820 km of roadway improvements across the province.  Drivers may experience some delays with roadworks, and I ask that they slow down, plan ahead and be patient.”

Highlights from the fall tender schedule include:  

  • Completion of a multi-year, multi-passing lane project on Highway 7 from Saskatoon to the Saskatchewan/Alberta border;  
  • Highway 2 passing lanes north of Prince Albert;
  • Highway 3 passing lanes west of Prince Albert;
  • Highway 5 passing lanes east of Saskatoon;
  • Highway 7 passing lanes west of Kindersley;
  • Highway 8 resurfacing north of Moosomin;
  • Highway 11 bridge work near Lumsden;
  • Highway 12 passing lanes north of Martensville;
  • Highway 14 passing lanes west of Saskatoon to Asquith;
  • Highway 15 resurfacing west of Highway 2 junction;
  • Highway 16 passing lanes west of Yorkton to Springside;
  • Highway 16 passing lanes east of Clavet to Highway 6 junction;
  • Highway 18 paving partnership with Lake Alma;
  • Highway 55 grade and paving near Carrot River;
  • Highway 322 resurfacing near Rowan’s Ravine;
  • Highway 905 gravel upgrade from Cigar Lake to Mclean Lake; and
  • Various culverts and bridge rehabilitations and replacements.

There have been seven projects delayed, most of which will be tendered this summer or fall.  These delays can be attributed to improved coordination by contractors or potential complications stemming from weather, scheduling or other external factors.

Start dates for construction projects are dependent on contractor availability and weather.  All tenders can be viewed at

As part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan, the Ministry of Highways will be improving 10,000 km of provincial highways and roadways by the end of 2030.  This year will see 1,350 km of improvement on top of 1,000 km in 2020, putting the province ahead of schedule in its decade-long target.  

Since 2008, the Government of Saskatchewan has invested more than $10.6 billion in provincial highway and roadway infrastructure with improvements to more than 17,100 km of Saskatchewan highways.