by Shantel Lipp Shantel Lipp

Together, we are better. Now that we can host and attend events, we have a few coming up that offer our members a great opportunity to move forward their interests. Mark your calendars with these events in November. 

The first is the MLA reception that the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association is hosting on Nov. 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. This event is your opportunity to meet with provincial MLAs from both sides of the legislature to talk to them, face to face, about your business as well as the industry.

Whatever insights, issues or topics you think these MLAs need to recognize is up for discussion when we get together in Room 218 at the Legislative Building in Regina. Encourage other members to attend to speak to amplify the message you feel needs to get across. 

We ask that everyone planning to attend pre-register as the SHCA needs to provide the legislative staff with the list of names of those attending. To pre-register, please contact or The earlier you register, the better!

The second event is the SHCA Fall Convention, which is scheduled Nov. 25–26 in Saskatoon. For two days, we will gather at the Delta Bessborough Hotel and Convention Center to listen to speakers and participate in conversations about our industry. 

On Friday evening (Nov. 26) is the Chairman’s Banquet. New this year is that the capacity for this event is set at a maximum of 300 delegates. That makes registering and booking your room early extra important! 

Registration links are now open and available for the SHCA Room Block. More details about the convention will be coming out as we move towards November. 

Events such as these are important to our members because they help develop and strengthen the voice of the association. Gathering to share about our experiences, ideas and suggestions helps our members recognize and realize improvements and opportunities. It is how our members can find and form the connections that make their businesses and this industry even better. 

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you who takes part in these events and learning more about your current interests and ideas so I can best represent you and our industry.