The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is introducing additional relief measures for employers who are unable to pay their WCB premium payments. Effective April 1 until June 30, 2020, the WCB will waive penalties and interest charges for late premium payments.

The Government of Saskatchewan announced various measures to support provincial business owners during the COVID-19 crisis. To provide further relief for Saskatchewan employers, the WCB is:

  • Forgiving interest and penalties for late payments on 2020 premiums applied in the month of March.
  • Prioritizing employer payroll revisions to help employers reduce their premiums.
  • Suspending payroll audits until further notice except in situations where an employer may be eligible for a refund.

“We are dealing with extraordinary circumstances throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Recognizing the economic challenges many employers are facing, we are introducing these relief measures for covered employers while balancing our financial obligations,” said the WCB’s CEO Phil Germain. “By giving employers extra time to submit their payments without facing any penalties, they will be able to communicate their revised payroll estimates to the WCB and determine payment plan options.”

Employers who have reduced their workforce are encouraged to submit revisions to their 2020 assessable payroll estimates, which the WCB will use to recalculate their required premiums. Employers who have concerns about paying their 2020 premiums should contact the WCB to discuss their options.

Effective immediately, to ensure employers can release payment to their contractors promptly during the COVID-19 crisis, clearance letters will be available for employers that meet specific criteria, even in cases where the contractor’s WCB account has not been paid. Employers will not be liable for any outstanding WCB premiums the contractor owes.

Under the WCB’s legislation, The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013, the WCB is required to be fully funded at all times.

The WCB will continue to monitor this situation and make decisions that balance the needs of employers and injured workers.

Learn more on the WCB’s website.