On Oct. 11, 2022, the Government of Saskatchewan released a paper titled Drawing the Line: Defending Saskatchewan’s Economic Autonomy during an event at the Battlefords and District Chamber of Commerce. This document outlines notable costs to Saskatchewan’s economy – $111 billion over 12 years – due to nine federal climate change policies, with direct compliance costs being absorbed by industry and households.
“Saskatchewan’s role as a global leader in producing sustainable food, fuel and fertilizer is dependent on the province fully leveraging its rich natural resources, a feat that is challenging within the current policies and regulations,” said Prabha Ramaswamy, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC). “Action on climate and environment are critical, although it is imperative to consider the sustainability of Saskatchewan’s economy when making these decisions.”
For Saskatchewan to continue its role as a world leader, an appropriate transition process to achieving net-zero is paramount.
The release of this report also signals the importance of ongoing dialogue between the federal and provincial governments. Transparency and collaboration are crucial to minimize consequences that emerge from the differences in the governments’ approaches to environmental stewardship.
“Our business community strongly believes that the relationship between the provincial and federal government needs to be collaborative. We must consider provincial differences and what drives our local economy,” said Ramaswamy. “The SCC emphasizes that consultations and transparency through formal mechanisms are pivotal for the development of policies and implementation of action on environment and climate.”