The Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA) commends the provincial government on signing the memorandum of understanding with Manitoba and Alberta to strengthen the economic corridors between our provinces.

“The Saskatchewan economy is dependent on trade and the demand for what we produce here
increases every year,” said SHCA president Shantel Lipp. “Heavy construction plays a vital role in creating the infrastructure that moves our products to the world.”

The memorandum focuses on four areas of cooperation between the three governments:

  • Improve efficiency of inter-provincial highway and rail networks
  • Encourage the federal government for infrastructure funding and national supply chain solutions
  • Keep their economies competitive and grow capital investment and harmonize regulations to support businesses, industries and shippers

“While this memorandum is a step in the right direction, SHCA continues to encourage the
government of Saskatchewan to look at long-term funding commitments similar to Manitoba and
Alberta,” said Lipp. “Long-term commitments will help the industry plan for future growth, which will
contribute to meeting the goals set out in the memorandum.”

This fall, SHCA will be hosting the first-ever industry summit for Saskatchewan, bringing together contractors, suppliers, engineers and other professionals to discuss infrastructure and transportation.

“This memorandum complements our industry summit as we will be looking at ways to improve our infrastructure to create better supply chain flow through our trade corridors,” said Lipp. “As well, we are hoping to have a tri-provincial panel at the summit to discuss how inter-provincial cooperation helps our industry meet the challenges of growth.”

The Industry Summit and Trade Show will take place from Nov. 29 to 30, 2023 in Regina. SHCA represents over 200 member businesses in the heavy construction industry in Saskatchewan.