With construction season in full swing, the Government of Saskatchewan is reminding motorists to keep an eye out for construction zones on provincial highways.

“We view everything through the lens of safety at the Ministry of Highways, making sure that our work crews and contractors have a plan in place to keep every job site as safe as possible,” said Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw. “We need drivers to remember they have a role to play as well: plan your route ahead of time, pay close attention and slow down for everyone’s safety.”

Drivers must obey all signs and flag persons in work zones and slow to 60 km/hr. In some cases, work zones have temporary speed reductions left in place when workers are not present. This is often due to potential hazards present, such as lane closures, loose gravel, fresh oil and sharp pavement drop-offs.

“When the pandemic hit, our members continued to work safely building the province’s vital transportation corridors and also stimulating the local economy of many small towns that lost their tourism revenues,” said Shantel Lipp, president of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association. “Now that the province is reopening, we ask drivers to respect those mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers while they resume their summer. Our members work to keep you safe while you travel to your next destination, so please obey the signs, don’t speed and pay attention to your surroundings while inside our workplace.”

Speed fines are tripled in Saskatchewan when workers are present. Fines start at $210 and increase by $3 for every km/hr over the speed limit, up to a speed of 90 km/hr, and $6 for every km/hr over 90. A driver who speeds through a work zone at 100 km/hr will be issued a fine of $450, plus a victim surcharge of $80, for a total of $530.