On March 4, 2024, Premier Scott Moe launched Building the Workforce for a Growing Economy: the Saskatchewan Labour Market Strategy, which outlines how the province will ensure Saskatchewan people benefit from the jobs our economy is creating, and that Saskatchewan employers have access to the workforce needed to succeed.

“A strong labour force drives healthy economies and successful communities,” Moe said. “The Labour Market Strategy is our roadmap to secure a labour force that keeps pace with growing demands and opportunities of our economy. Through strategic investments that align Saskatchewan’s work force with the needs of industry, we are ensuring that investment into our province is supported, and that growth translates into a better quality of life for Saskatchewan people.”

The Labour Market Strategy Focuses on three main pillars: 

  • Preparing Saskatchewan People for Jobs
  • Recognizing Skills in Saskatchewan
  • International Recruitment

Through these pillars, the Strategy outlines how the province is preparing people for both current and emerging jobs in Saskatchewan and aligning training opportunities in post-secondary institutions to the needs of industry. This ensures employers have the steady supply of the skilled labour employees they need, while also providing job seekers the opportunity to train for in-demand and available jobs. The Strategy also includes targeted programing designed to increase Indigenous engagement in the workforce and increase opportunities for persons with disabilities to find employment. 

Additionally, the Strategy ensures newcomers to Saskatchewan can work in the field in which they trained. Saskatchewan is taking steps to remove red tape to more efficiently recognize credentials obtained outside of the province and will provide one-on-one support to individuals who need help navigating the credential recognition process for their occupation. 

When employers experience vacancies in the local workforce they need, the Strategy provides a framework for employers to expand their workforce through international recruitment by using the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Newcomers enrich our province and play an important role by filling in-demand jobs across the province. 

The Labour Market Strategy highlights how government is addressing emerging labour needs in various growing sectors such as energy, mining and minerals, manufacturing, agriculture, and technology to build Saskatchewan’s future. 

“The Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) are proud to support the Saskatchewan Labour Market Strategy, sharing a common mission to cultivate, advocate, and collaborate for the growth of the agricultural manufacturing industry in Canada,” AMC President Donna Boyd said. “Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust labour force in fostering healthy economies and communities, our strategic investments and Careers in Ag initiative mirror the province’s commitment to aligning the workforce with industry needs. AMC echoes the strategy’s inclusive approach, supporting initiatives to increase Indigenous engagement and enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities. We stand united in reducing barriers and fostering an environment where newcomers to the agricultural manufacturing sector can contribute their skills, enriching our industry.”

Read Building the Workforce for a Growing Economy: the Saskatchewan Labour Market Strategy here.