Bringing together contractors, suppliers, engineers and other professionals

Shantel Lipp - Portrait

Saskatchewan is embracing its role of providing the world with the food, fertilizer and fuel it needs. The provincial government’s Growth Plan has numerous economic goals, and our industry has a role in ensuring a number of them are achieved.

We know that roads and highways connect our landlocked province to the world. The construction our industry undertakes helps other industries achieve their goals set by the province. For example, earthwork was necessary ahead of the development of canola crush facilities, which will increase Saskatchewan-based processing of canola grown in the province. Our industry is also working to improve roads in northern Saskatchewan, which supports doubling the size of Saskatchewan’s forestry sector.

In my role, I am advocating for deeper and more widespread recognition of how our industry contributes to the growth of the province’s economy. That recognition is coming from leaders in other sectors, and I am working with them to deliver their important perspectives on the value of investing in trade and transportation infrastructure to the people and politicians of this province.

While those other industries (such as agriculture and forestry) grow stronger, our industry is also advancing. SHCA is pleased to play a role in that advancement. While I work with leaders in those other sectors, I never lose sight of the relationships I have with members. SHCA is dedicated to representing, advocating and supporting its members and, in that spirit, I am very much looking forward to a first-of-its-kind event SHCA is developing for our industry.

You might have seen posts on social media recently about the first-ever industry summit for Saskatchewan. SHCA is excited to spearhead this event, which will bring together contractors, suppliers, engineers and other professionals to focus on infrastructure and transportation. There will be industry education sessions, an innovative trade show and networking opportunities spread over two days on Nov. 29–30, 2023, at the Delta Hotel & Convention Centre in Regina.

The complete agenda for this key event is still coming together, but I am looking forward to highlighting technological advancements within the industry through technical sessions across a broad sector of industry applications. You will have opportunities to learn more about the production and processing of materials as well as troubleshooting asphalt plants and greener ways of paving. You can expect to see virtual reality being used to both attract young people to our sector and conduct safety training.

The summit will offer personal as well as professional development opportunities. I’m excited to learn from Pamela Barnum, who will be one of our keynote speakers. She is a trust strategist and body language expert who developed her skills and insights during her years as an undercover police officer and federal prosecuting attorney. In her presentations, she teaches others how to detect deception and interpret non-verbal cues in their personal and professional lives.

As with all our events, please visit and check under the Events section of the website where we will add details about this event, including how to register. Right now, if you are interested in participating, I would be happy to hear from you about your interest. You can email me, and I’ll respond to you.

This event is just one of many activities that have me busy lately. We are also planning to make a presentation to the official opposition about our industry and its impact. Other plans are to host breakfast meetings with Deputy Ministers and senior government officials to talk about SHCA. Finally, there will soon be a launch of a series of podcasts about the work SHCA is doing on behalf of members and the people of Saskatchewan.

Before you know it, the summit will be here. Until then, I look forward to working to develop this fantastic event to bring us all together once again!