The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) welcomed many of the directions outlined in the Government of Saskatchewan’s 2023 Speech from the Throne.

“The continued expansion of Saskatchewan’s economy, and the growth in our agricultural exports is positive news for Saskatchewan businesses and residents across the province. We are very pleased to hear about progress that has been made in achieving the government’s Growth Plan goals, including population growth, private capital investment, and agri-food exports,” said Prabha Ramaswamy, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

Ramaswamy said she is looking forward to learning more about the new Investment Attraction Strategy. Investment attraction and economic development was ranked as the fourth highest priority for government expenditures among Chamber members. More than 54 per cent of SCC members have indicated investment tax incentives would lead their businesses to invest more capital and create more jobs in Saskatchewan.

“Labour shortage is a key issue facing businesses across the province. Eighty-two per cent  of SCC members have indicated moderate to significant impact on their business due to labour shortage. Saskatchewan businesses will be interested in acquiring more details about the recruitment initiatives the province will be implementing as part of Saskatchewan Jobs Plan,” she said.