Canadians are relying on construction to build back better

By Mary Van Buren, President, Canadian Construction Association

Representing more than 20,000 member firms, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is proud of our mission to inspire a progressive, innovative and sustainable construction industry. The key to our success is working with our valued partner associations like the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association. 

Released earlier this month, our 2021 Annual Review celebrates our industry’s collective achievements to Build a Better Canada with lasting benefits for all Canadians.

CCA Annual Review 2021

We accomplished so much for the industry together – creating new opportunities to engage members, strengthening our voice and influence with government and modernizing how we work and deliver our services. It’s been a busy and successful year. 

CCA has strengthened its influence and continues to drive change on key issues that make a real impact…not only to the industry, but to all Canadians. 

We are working collaboratively to create a new vision for infrastructure planning and investment in Canada. CCA led a broad consultation process to ensure CCA’s response to the National Infrastructure Assessment reflected the national interests of our membership. The recommendations, endorsed by 60 local construction association partners, include the need to unclutter the funding mechanism and allow provincial and municipal authorities to implement investment through a lens of local priorities. A long-term strategic vision and framework will provide stability to projects, encourage investment and support the development of the necessary skilled workforce.

The points raised in the report also provided the basis for CCA’s Invest in Canada campaign, reinforcing the need to develop a long-term infrastructure investment strategy, secure the right skills for the industry now and in the future by attracting a diverse and inclusive workforce, and expand project delivery models that support shared risk and fair procurement. CCA will continue to advance these messages to keep the importance of infrastructure at the top of mind of Canadians. 

With economic revival being a priority for all Canadians, CCA also recognizes the importance of scaling up Canada’s trade-enabling infrastructure. With reports that Canada has fallen from 10th to 32nd in terms of global trade infrastructure, CCA has been working in partnership with the Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (WCR&HCA) to improve investment in the Western Canada trade corridor [Editor’s note: Read more on this topic on page ##]. Canada’s growth economy needs reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move goods and services across borders. CCA is interested in partnering on a similar initiative with Atlantic Canada’s heavy construction sector.

We are also leading the charge in advocating for change within the construction industry, bringing our voices together, providing a platform for anti-racist initiatives, stressing the importance of sustainable infrastructure and how construction is the path to a green future, publishing the Insight report: Innovation and R&D in construction and championing growing workforce capacity through our Talent Fits Here campaign. 

CCA has strengthened its influence and continues to drive change on key issues that make a real impact…not only to the industry, but to all Canadians.

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Canada will be counting on the construction industry to build back better. You can count on CCA to be a collaborative partner with the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, providing helpful tools, sharing best practices across the country and being your voice with the federal government.  

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