by Shantel Lipp Shantel Lipp

There is a saying that anything worth having is worth the wait.

That’s definitely true of the SHCA Convention. You might have recently noticed receiving postcards with new spring dates for that event.

The new dates for the SHCA Convention are set for April 7–8, 2022. The convention will be held at the same place – the Delta Bessborough Hotel and Convention Center in Saskatoon – and the same speakers will be ready to present. I am also grateful our sponsors have agreed to carry forward their sponsorships into next year.

Since this event is being held in the spring, which is when SHCA’s annual general meeting is typically held, these two events will be combined. The AGM will be added to the agenda that will see us spending two full days discussing our industry, the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association and you, its members.

We will hear from two wonderful speakers – Darci Lang and retired Colonel Mark Gasparotto – during the convention.

Darci has discovered a solution to help each of us do our jobs, connect with the people who matter most and live our lives to the fullest. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a bestselling author, a blogger, a wife and a mom. She brings her message of “Focus on the 90%” to help others find the positives at work, rise above adversity and triumph in their lives.

Then there is Mark, who provides leadership solutions inspired by his two decades of military service. Mark is highly decorated, serving in key leadership roles in international hotspots such as Bosnia, Afghanistan and Haiti, doing everything from commanding small tactical units, to overseeing large, multinational peacekeeping operations.

Mark is passionate about self-reflection and personal development. He emphasizes results, teamwork and effective communications, which is how he was able to elevate to the upper ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces.

As always, the convention will wrap up with the Chairman’s Banquet. New at this convention is that the capacity for this event is set at a maximum of 300 delegates. That makes registering and booking your room early extra important.

If you had hotel rooms booked for the November dates, there is information on the postcards about what to do about rescheduling those dates. If you are still thinking about booking rooms and attending, I would encourage you to consider all that this type of event has to offer.

Events such as this convention allow us to gather, which helps each of us to reconnect to learn from one another and to share our experiences so we can recognize our successes and opportunities. It is also how we can determine where improvements are needed and how to address making those improvements. I look forward to all of you gathering in the spring to help develop and strengthen the voice of the association to benefit you, our members and your businesses.