While some of our members continue to stay busy with projects during the winter months, the majority are well settled into their off-season routines.

Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, this year’s brief winter getaway to a warmer climate was put on hold.

As we glance at the calendar, we see we’re nearly halfway through February. This means we’re inching closer to what should be a busy season for our industry. Spring will be here before we know it.

When that time comes to slip back into our boots and work gear, we need to be mindful of our coworkers and remember the health and safety protocols on our job sites remain in effect.

We saw several changes to how we went about our work over the last year. Physical distancing, wearing a mask, frequent sanitizing of equipment and washing of hands often need to continue to happen on all job sites this year. We grew accustomed to these guidelines last year and now is a good time to offer a reminder.

Our industry was one of the few in our province that was fortunate to work relatively unimpeded through the varying levels of economic slowdown last year.

Yes, we are an essential service and the work we do is important. But we maintained our work schedule last year because we were responsible and adhered to our health and safety guidelines. You should be commended for that.

We’re well aware of what one positive COVID-19 test result would likely mean to an entire crew. Nobody wants to get sick and miss work and be forced to shut down a project because someone was careless and ignored protocols.

We follow the health and safety guidelines not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because we want to be healthy and we want our coworkers to be healthy so we can all safely return home to our families.

Here’s to a safe, healthy and busy season ahead!