Major safety improvements on Highway 16 have been completed. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to commemorate completion of the final set of passing lanes which have opened near Saltcoats. 

“The Yellowhead Highway is a major transportation corridor that is used to move people and goods across the province,” Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. “With the expanding canola crushing facilities in the area, there are a lot of large trucks traveling through the area and we’re taking steps to move that traffic safely and efficiently. These passing lanes allow drivers to pass slower moving vehicles safely.”

The multi-year passing lanes project extends from Clavet, east of Saskatoon, to the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, east of Yorkton. This highway safety project was a key investment in Saskatchewan’s $2 billion stimulus program during the global pandemic to help drive economic recovery. In all, 26 passing lanes and multiple intersection upgrades were constructed.

“As representatives of Saskatchewan truck transport, we are pleased to see investments in the highway network that assist the movement of trucks and most importantly ones designed to improve the safety for our professional drivers,” Saskatchewan Trucking Association president Susan Ewart said. “The passing lanes and intersection enhancements will be welcome by our members.”

Passing lanes are typically a minimum of two kilometres and allow drivers to pass slower moving vehicles safely.