It’s been another busy year for the Highway Hotline.

“The Highway Hotline is a lifeline to travelers in Saskatchewan,” Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. “Drivers get the latest information that allows them to make decisions to protect themselves, their families and other travelers on the road.”

The Hotline received 10.6 million website visits over the past year. That’s well above the typical number of visitors, but fewer than last year’s record, which was influenced by an unusual number of winter storm events.

The interactive Highway Hotline map gives drivers timely information about road conditions. It advises when roads are closed and when travel is not recommended. Last November, a new Highway Hotline smartphone app was launched, which gives travellers information on handheld devices. Saskatchewan’s Highway Hotline app is available at the Apple Store and on Google Play. It’s been downloaded more than 100,000 times since its launch.

Highway Hotline staff work closely with equipment operators across the province to ensure drivers have up-to-date and accurate information. The Hotline received nearly 675,000 hits during April’s spring storm that resulted in numerous highway closures in the province’s south and southeast.

The Hotline is not only for winter road conditions. During construction season, the Hotline gives drivers advance warning about construction zones. This information will help travellers make decisions to avoid delays such as leaving early or using an alternate route. 

The Hotline has links to nearly 50 cameras all over the province. These images allow travellers to see weather conditions for themselves and make better decisions. Check the Hotline as part of your pre-travel routine before every trip at