by Shantel Lipp Shantel Lipp
Shantel Lipp

Summer is here and construction is underway with crews working across the province on projects that are making transportation in this province better. 

Many Saskatchewan drivers travelling this summer are going to encounter you on the job. While we want them to think about your safety and drive responsibly through your work zones, we also want them to consider what projects governments choose to invest in and what those projects mean to our province’s economy and our quality of life.  

Across Western Canada, heavy construction associations continue to encourage governments to recognize the value of investing in trade infrastructure. We know it is not just our industry that values infrastructure and the role it plays in our economy.

Those buying Saskatchewan commodities want to know that this province has the infrastructure to move what they are purchasing. Those who produce and move those commodities see how having quality, purposeful infrastructure that supports trade helps grow our economy, which generates revenues that support health care, education and social programming. That all contributes to the quality of life we enjoy in Saskatchewan and Canada.

To bring wider awareness to the importance of building and maintaining good infrastructure, which is key to our trade corridors, the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association is running a campaign.

The voices of several industry and community leaders can be heard discussing the importance of investing in infrastructure as part of this campaign. You may have heard them during ads that ran on Rawlco Radio’s Newstalk radio stations.

We will also bring attention to their perspectives online, starting with this message, but in the weeks to come, you will find them on our website and social media platforms. I encourage you to share these social media posts with your network online to spread their words even further. The more people who see these posts, the more influence they develop, making this message about the value of investing in trade infrastructure part of important public conversations.

We have Susan Ewart, the executive director of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, who said, “Our province has a lot of what the world wants. Global demand for made-in-Saskatchewan products continues to grow every year. The trucking industry is responsible for delivering those products to the world and good roads make that happen. A long-term commitment to investing in transportation infrastructure is what will keep the growth going.” 

She is joined by Tony Playter, the CEO of the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce, who said, “Regina drivers may be a little frustrated now that road construction season is upon us. But having good infrastructure helps our business community operate, prosper and grow. 

“By supporting local road builders to build and repair Regina roads, we keep those dollars in our community where everyone benefits. When our local businesses prosper, we all prosper.” 

Also from Regina is James Bogusz, the president and CEO of the Regina Airport Authority, who stated, “Demand for air travel is growing on a daily basis and Regina is no exception. Our airport is meeting the demand by investing in our infrastructure. This year, we are improving the major runway at Regina Airport that will allow us to grow and continue to connect to the world. A long-term commitment to investing in transportation infrastructure is what will keep the growth going in our city and our province.” 

Adding his perspective is Warren Steinley, Member of Parliament for Regina Lewvan, who explained, “In Saskatchewan, we manufacture and produce what the world needs. Last year, Saskatchewan agriculture exports were the largest on record with total international sales of $18.4 billion. What we produce here has to get to market.” 

To meet this goal, it is vital to maintain and grow our infrastructure needs. A long-term commitment to investing in transportation infrastructure is what will keep the province growing.

If you have leaders in your region of the province who would like to contribute to this campaign, I would love to have a conversation with them about adding their voice. Please pass along their name and contact information and I will reach out to them about our efforts.