Three years ago, no one could have predicted that we were just months away from the most disruptive event in modern history – the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for tremendous change in everyone’s lives. It has disrupted the way we work and how we teach and learn. It also reminds us of how society has come to rely greatly on ever-changing technology. Could we have survived the past two-plus years without high-speed Internet, smart phones, teleconferencing and QR codes? Probably.  But consider the pain and inconvenience.

To be sure, disruption was evident in workplaces even before anyone had heard of COVID. In fact, it was a key theme of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s first-ever THINK conference in May 2019.

Today, however, a new reality exists. How does one navigate this new reality?

Three high-profile speakers at THINK: The Future of Work, Technology and Learning 2022, a unique one-day conference presented by Saskatchewan Polytechnic on Thursday, May 5, will provide answers. 

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