Interested individuals are invited to register to observe public hearings

Have you ever had a Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) claim go sideways and upon inquiry, you were told it was adjudicated with reference to specific legislation, policy and/or procedure? Are you frustrated with the Saskatchewan WCB policies and/or legislation?

Injury Solutions Canada helps employers with claims they are disputing. We often fight claims where legislation, policy or procedure do not make sense or were not applied correctly. Currently, we are preparing to participate in the next Workers’ Compensation Act Committee of Review, which will hold public hearings in early 2022.

The Saskatchewan government establishes a WCB Committee of Review every five years. The committee may inquire into any and all aspects of the WCB’s operations. It can recommend amendments to legislation or changes to the WCB’s policies or practices. However, even though recommendations are made, the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board does not necessarily have to implement them. In fact, there have been some items recommended during every Committee of Review that were never implemented.

Nevertheless, the Committee of Review is an opportunity for employers and/or their industry organizations to be heard. An example of the type of claim we often run across is when two employers are involved in an auto accident. When fault is assigned, the employer not at fault often still bears their employee’s claim costs, even though they were not at fault. This type of situation is often hard to understand. Why should an employer, who did everything right, be held financially responsible for claims costs associated with an accident they did not cause? 

There are lots of these examples that punish innocent employers for the fault of another. Is there a policy that makes you absolutely crazy and you cannot believe it is an accepted policy? Now is the time to have your say!

Public submissions to this Committee of Review were invited; but unfortunately, due to the short submission window, many people may have missed this opportunity. Submissions were due by Dec. 15, 2021. Public hearings will be held by the Committee of Review in early 2022, and interested individuals may register to attend as an observer. Locations, dates, times and format of the public hearings will be confirmed online. 

If you have concerns and have missed the submission deadline, make them known to your association or the Committee of Review itself, at or call 1.866.919.1920 (toll-free across Canada). 

Most industry associations, as well as business associations, already have time slots to speak. Even though the deadline may have passed for presentations, you can still reach out to them and be heard. They may even include your input in their presentations to the Committee of Review. 

Information and updates regarding Committee of Review reports are included in the Workers’ Compensation Board’s annual online report. Now is the chance to influence change and have your say about the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board.