In this issue of Think BIG, we are featuring Kelly Rann, Saskatoon Branch Manager and Corporate Sales Manager at EMSCO, a provider of heavy equipment rentals, sales, parts and service. The company has extensive experience in the heavy construction, pipeline and road building industries. 

A native of North Battleford, Rann got his start in heavy construction as an operator with P&E Logging in Glaslyn, which sponsored him to get his heavy duty apprenticeship. Think BIG caught up with Rann to hear more about his career, his personal definition of happiness and his real life heroes. 

Tell us about your career history.

Kelly Rann: After P&E Logging, I moved to Alberta to work with Finning as a resident field tech in Peace River for two years. Next, I moved to Cold Lake and spent five years with Finning, followed by three years with Site Energy Services as an equipment foreman, helping to manage fleet maintenance repairs and costs. I moved back to Saskatchewan in 2014 and worked in sales with Winacott Equipment to promote the Hyundai construction lineup. Finally, I moved over to EMSCO Heavy Equipment in 2020 with the Hyundai line and took on the branch manager role in Saskatoon.

What’s the best piece of business or career advice you have been given?

KR: I have always been told to be a good listener: Listen to your client and their needs, and adapt to your client without changing your company philosophy entirely.

What’s your favourite thing about Saskatchewan and working in the industry?

KR: I love the relationships that still exist here. In this industry, so much can be done electronically without contact, but here in Saskatchewan people still enjoy the personal relationships that are built over time.

How long have you been a member of the SHCA? 

KR: Between Winacott and EMSCO, I have been a member since 2015.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

KR: A balance of family, work and recreation. It would be ideal to have a fulfilling career that leaves you ample family time and recreational time to de-stress and enjoy the simple things in life.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

KR: My greatest achievement is my family. My wife and children keep me driven every day, watching my kids grow up and being there for them. Being supportive of my wife’s career and achievements is rewarding in itself.

What is your favourite occupation? 

KR: I love what I do, but I think it would be amazing to be a professional fisherman, either a pro angler in a tournament circuit or a guide. Being on the water is very relaxing to me.


Who are your heroes in real life? 

KR: My heroes are my parents, my wife and my grandfather. My parents have been my biggest fans, my wife has always supported me in my career ventures, and my grandfather was one of my biggest role models as he was also a mechanic by trade.

What is your greatest regret? 

KR: My greatest regret is not spending more time with certain people in my life. We get so busy with day-to-day business and activities that we forget about the small things. COVID gave us that reality back, but truthfully it’s going to be a hard balance now that things are closer to normal. It will take more dedication to make the small things a priority.