by Jeff Ritter, Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission Jeff Ritter, Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission

The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) is getting ready to launch a new, client-facing IT system that will provide Saskatchewan apprentices and employers with faster, more efficient service. It will transform the way we serve our clients and we’re excited to launch it.

It’s called MyATC.

Apprentices will be able to self-register for training and employers will be able to monitor and track their apprentices’ training status. Rather than requesting information from SATCC staff members, clients will be able to access their information online when it’s convenient for them.

The launch date is tentatively set for spring 2021.

Clients have been asking for the ability to self-serve and more easily access information. This system will meet that demand.

According to the SATCC’s 2019 Employer and Apprentice Satisfaction Survey data, the majority of employer respondents would like to complete all services with the SATCC online and at least half of apprentice respondents would like to complete all services online.

Right now, the apprenticeship system in Saskatchewan is primarily a paper-based system. MyATC will modernize the SATCC’s processes, allowing customers to register apprenticeship contracts, pay fees and tuition for technical training, update personal or business information and submit trade time hours online.

With the introduction of this new system, the SATCC will strive to maintain the highest levels of service.

In 2019, 92 per cent of apprentices who responded to the SATCC’s Satisfaction Survey agreed staff members are friendly and courteous, while 96 per cent of employer respondents agreed. Eighty-nine per cent of apprentices agreed that staff are helpful and 94 per cent of employers agreed.

The new IT system will provide faster, on-demand service, but the warm, personalized service that our staff members provide won’t go away once the system is introduced. Our clients will still be able to call us or walk into one of our offices, and we are still going to have staff members visiting employers.

Closer to launch, the SATCC will share more details with apprentices and employers regarding how to get set up in the new system. 

If you have questions about MyATC, please contact project director Curtis Leung at 306-531-4903 or