Featuring Kevin Paul, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Kevin Paul is the operations leader for Stantec Consulting Ltd.’s Infrastructure Group in Saskatchewan. Having been with Stantec for more than six years and in the construction industry for more than 16 years, Paul is a steadfast supporter of SHCA.

He answered some questions for Think BIG about his experience working in the Saskatchewan heavy construction industry and why he believes SHCA membership is so valuable.

What do you like most about working in Saskatchewan’s heavy construction industry?

I love working with the people in the industry. One of the best projects I have been able to work on over my career has been as the program manager (owner’s engineer) for the Ministry of Highways Stimulus Program. It allowed myself (and my team) to work with some of the industry’s best talent, both on the consulting and contracting sides of the fence. The relationships that I have been able to either develop or strengthen while working in this program have been invaluable. This industry has so many talented people who never back down from any challenge or issue that we may come across. 

Why did your company originally decide to join SHCA?

At Stantec, a core part of our business is within the heavy construction industry and being a member of SHCA allows us to be more connected with the industry. SHCA represents a very diverse group of members, varying from contractors to consultants and suppliers of various materials that are used within our industry. 

In what ways do you participate in SHCA?

SHCA provides our company the opportunity to participate in various ways throughout the year. Our team attends networking events, both the southern and northern golf tournaments and the annual convention. Stantec has also submitted projects for the annual Design Award the association gives out each year. We have been very fortunate to have received this award the past two years and look forward to submitting many more projects in the future! Our design and construction teams also utilize the annual Rental Rates Guide that is published by the association on an almost daily basis. The guide has a lot of valuable information that we rely on each year when it is published. We also have sent many team members through different training opportunities as they are offered though the association.

Why does your company renew its SHCA membership each year?

Stantec renews its membership each year because we value what the association does for the industry each day. SHCA has a very strong voice with some of our biggest clients and with the provincial government. Their advocacy and voice to promote their members’ best interests and concerns is invaluable. 

Can you think of anything you may have missed out on if you were never an active member of SHCA?

Missing out on the opportunity to attend the networking events would be one thing we would miss a lot if we were not members of the association. The new relationships that we make at these events and the strengthening of the existing ones that we currently have would be greatly missed. 

Do you think that SHCA members have business advantages over non-members?

The daily tender postings and results that they email to membership is very valuable. These allow us to see industry trends and help guide us on where we should take our business. The association also provides its members with a unified voice to advocate for what is best for the industry at various levels of government and with certain clients.  

If someone in the Saskatchewan heavy construction industry wasn’t participating in SHCA because they didn’t think it would benefit them, what would you say to them to convince them otherwise?

I would say that those firms are missing out on having a very knowledgeable association advocate for businesses of all sizes and supporting the heavy construction industry in varying ways. 

In your opinion, what’s the single greatest benefit of belonging to SHCA?

As a consultant, the most important thing to me is the relationships we have with the industry. SHCA allows us to connect and grow and develop those relationships and be trusted partners with each other.