With many Canadians distressed about the housing crisis, high cost of living and economic uncertainty impacting their daily lives, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is launching an industry call-to-action urging the federal government to partner with the construction industry on building a strong foundation for a stronger Canada.

Estimates by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation reveal that Canada needs to build 3.5 million additional homes above and beyond what is currently projected to be built by 2030. With the current construction workforce shortage, the industry does not have the workers required to meet the projected building needs. Add to that inflation, rising interest rates and affordability, and Canada’s deteriorating foundational infrastructure and it becomes clear that Canada is in dire need of a holistic and long-term strategy to get on track. 

Through its online advocacy platform, the Construction Action Network, CCA is urging its 18,000 members and the public to send a letter to their local MPs reminding them of the importance of partnering with the industry to make the following strategic changes:

  • Commit to a comprehensive, long-term infrastructure investment strategy that includes a 25-year plan for housing and trade-enabling infrastructure. 
  • Address the workforce shortage by modernizing the existing immigration policy and points system to better reflect the workforce needs of the Canadian economy.
  • Modernize procurement to ensure practices better balance risk-sharing between public contracts and the private sector, reduce red tape, and accelerate approvals for critical projects.

While the federal government has launched various programs, such as the Express Entry program to target immigrants with high-demand skills as well as several initiatives under the National Housing Strategy to fast track the building of new homes, these measures are short-term solutions to problems that require consultation, partnership and long-term planning.

In addition to the campaign, CCA will be hosting its annual Hill Day event on Nov. 7, 2023, where industry representatives will meet with parliamentarians to discuss the construction sector’s essential role in creating and maintaining the infrastructure Canadians use daily. This includes the foundational infrastructure at the heart of new homes and communities.

With construction as its partner, the federal government can build a stronger Canada through comprehensive infrastructure investment, workforce development and procurement modernization.